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Here is the list of current DuckCorp's administrators. These are the only people which have full access to the system (even if we may delegate nonsensitive things to trusted parties, but you'll always be warned of such changes).

Active administrators

  • Duck:
    Full Name: Marc Dequènes
    GPG Key Fingerprint: 7297 2A83 E526 453D F288 5F81 55E9 F9F7 AC1C 443F
    (old: 6ADD 5093 AC6D 1072 C912 9000 B1CC D972 9026 7086)
  • Pilou:
    Full Name: Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
    GPG Key Fingerprint: 21F2 2208 336D 3C26 431D 028A DBD7 1F45 5255 2D44
    (old: 2B1E DB5E ABEB 0483 AA50 15B3 13FA 63E9 3F25 BB1F)

Fallback administrators

  • Arnau:
    Full Name: Arnaud Fontaine
    GPG Key Fingerprint: 43B5 1C2A AAD3 E0D4 9ACF 8F59 97C2 C6AB 313C 7B03
    (old: D792 B8A5 A567 B001 C342 2613 BDF2 A220 5E36 19D3)