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Here is a short overview of the services provided by DuckCorp.

Our services are supervised and important data are saved regularly.

Warning! Notes about security !

Available Services
Category Service Access Status Description
Communication Mail eMails users Status: Ok Mail boxes with anti-spam/anti-virus, filtering…, or mail redirections
Mailing-Lists public/users Status: Ok Distribution lists for mails
IRC IRC Network public Status: Ok MilkyPond Chat Network using a dedicated software or a Web-interface
IRC Bouncer users Status: Ok IRC proxy (IRC server relaying IRC communications, keeping connections open and remembering logs)
XMPP (Jabber) XMPP Network users Status: Ok Global Chat Network (inter-communication between many well-known public IM services)
Matrix Matrix Node users Status: Ok Decentralized Communication protocol
Web Key Directory WKD users Status: Ok PGP Key Publishing Platform to simplify secure communication
Sharing Media Gallery public/users Status: Unusuable/Down Photo and video gallery
Wiki public/users Status: Ok Documentation, technical knowledge, useful tips…
StuffCloud public/users Status: Ok Personal data store (contacts, calendars, files…) with syncing/sharing capabilities
File Repository public/users Status: Ok Generic file sharing system (using FTP)
Radio public/users Status: Ok Media Streaming
Utilities News WebReader users Status: Ok News feeds reader through a web interface
Time Server public Status: Ok System used to automatically setup time on your machines
Dictionary Server public Status: Ok Words searching system via a dedicated software (using the DICT protocol) or a Web-interface
Development Project Management & Issue Tracking public/users Status: Ok Tool intended to help organize projects
Code VCS public/users Status: Ok Code/configuration versioning tools (Git, SVN, Baz, Bzr…)
Code Review public/users Status: Unusuable/Down Tool intended to help improve software quality
Databases SQL users Status: Ok SQL server (PostgreSQL or MySQL)
LDAP users Status: Ok LDAP server (OpenLDAP)
Software Repository public/users Status: Ok Software repository, to provide custom packages (think Debian debs) or installation media (thinks DVDs)
Hosting Hostnames Directory DNS users Status: Ok Domain Name System (NS1/NS2, DNSSEC…)
Dynamic DNS users Status: Ok Dynamic DNS entries, for places where IPs are dynamic and not under your control
Mail Mail Domains users Status: Ok Mail hosting (MX1/MX2)
Mailing-Lists users Status: Ok Distribution lists for mail domains
Web Sites/Applications users Status: Ok Web pages using HTML/XHTML, CSS, JS, and various server-side programming languages (SSI, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby…)
XMPP Domains users Status: Ok XMPP Node for a custom domain
Shell trusted Status: Ok Useful for website administration, development, run custom scripts, persistent applications for text-mode geeks…