From DcUsers

Warning! The backup sustem is down at the moment, this is WIP.

Besides critical system and services data, most of users data are backuped up too.

Data you can expect being saved:

  • mails, along with antispam learning data and SIEVE filters
  • shared services configurations and personnal data (webmail, projects, jabber, web stats, VCS…)
  • web data (hosted websites)
  • FTP data
  • /home on all machines where users can have shell access

A few files or directory names are globally excluded from backup:

  • cache
  • .Trash

In your personnal data, you can choose to exclude directories (and their children), either because you don't want us to copy your data elsewhere, or because it is not needed (allowing us to save data on the backup system). To do that, you simply need to create a .nobackup empty file inside the directories to ignore, nothing more. The backup system would detect it and skip the whole directory over.