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Service 'IRC-Bouncer'
Description An IRC Bouncer is a proxy, relaying connection to one or multiple IRC servers. When you disconnect from the bouncer, the bouncer keep your connections alive and store messages sent to you or in channels you joined. When you are back connected to the bouncer, all your channels and private chats are automatically reopened, and you can access messages you missed.
Prerequisite You need to provide the following information:
  • default nick / user / realname
  • an encrypted password generated using the bipmkpw command (available on Thorfinn, or in the Bip software)
  • list of networks you wish to connect to
  • list of channel you want to autojoin (for each network)
  • an other specific settings you wish
Account Local (registration required) IPv6 Ready No
Security Notes Your messages are securely delivered to our server, but the rest of the transport security depends on the network capabilities (see the network list below).


To connect you need and IRC client, as the bouncer acts like an IRC server. See the here for examples of usable softwares.

The bouncer is able to connect to multiple networks, but so as not to mix connections (which may have users and channels of the same name, creating a conflict), you need to connect to the bouncer multiple times, one for each network.

You need to configure these parameters for each connection:

  • host:
  • port: 7778
  • password: <user>:<user-password>:<connection>
  • activate SSL/TLS

<user> is your username, <user-password> your password, and <connection> the name of the network you want to connect to (see the list of available networks below).

Available Networks

These are the available networks you may access, depending on your configuration:

  • milkypond (secured)
  • minbif (IRC to IM gateway, secured)
  • debianjp
  • freenode (secured)
  • oftc (secured)
  • ircnet
  • epiknet
  • gimpnet
  • rezosup
  • iie (secured)
  • n7mm (secured)

Technical Details

This service is made using: