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Service 'MailHosting'
Description Available services:
  • full hosting (MX1) on our servers
  • fallback retention (MX2) on our servers or, at your choice, partner servers (currently via Hivane)
Prerequisite You need to buy a domain from a registrar, setup a DNS (can be hosted here too), and ask an administrator to configure this service.
Account Global (registration required) IPv6 Ready Yes
Security Notes See the eMail service's security notes.

Full Hosting

You can have multiple email addresses which can be:

  • real mailboxes
  • redirections towards internal or third party addresses
  • wildcards (***DISCOURAGED***, bring a lot of SPAM in)

based on your domains or sub-domains.

Have a look at our complete set of mail services.

Fallback retention

The current retention period on our servers is 2 weeks, but can be temporary or permanently increased if needed.

Mails flowing back to your primary server can be protected using TLS with certificate verification if you wish.

Antivirus and antispam filtering are not applied to relayed mails, so we do not mess with your prefered strategy on your primary server, nevertheless basic checks (EHLO, DNS…) and RBL scoring are done to avoid accepting tons of SPAMs.

Technical Details

See the eMail service page.