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Service 'Matrix'
Description Matrix is a decentralized communication Network. We have our own node associated with the MilkyPond domain. DuckCorp-specific channels are available, but you can connect to any channel or talk to anyone on the global network.
Prerequisite None
Account Global (registration required) IPv6 Ready Yes
Security Notes This service is secure.


Use your LDAP uid/password on the domain to connect and your account will be created automagically the first time.

Warning! Do not enable Integrations: these are remote apps you can integrate into the Element web and Android applications but they are not opensource and we don't know if they are secure and respect privacy

Using an Application

There are multiple clients on various platforms, you can pick one in this list:

We tested Quaternion on Debian GNU/Linux and that worked fine. On Android the Element app (available on F-Droid) is very nice.

Using a Web Interface

Use the following URL:

Official Channels

The is a DuckCorp space containing the following channels: (like on IRC)

  • #MilkyPond: main channel used to meet with other users and friends and ask general questions
  • #DuckCorp: contact with DuckCorp Administrators and technical discussions

(experimental) Bridge with IRC

We experimented with a bridge to join communication between the #MilkyPond and #DuckCorp IRC channels and their Matrix counterpart but that did not work well because of several limitations and the fact end-to-end encryption was enabled on Matrix thus preventing the discussions to flow towards IRC which does not support such encryption. At the moment the bridge is only configured to bridge the #taiste channel for further experiments.

The goal was to prevent splitting the community but maybe that's not such a good idea. Ideas welcome.

Technical Details

This service is made using: