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Service 'Shell'
Description Remote shell to a DuckCorp machine.
Prerequisite You need to ask an administrator for an account, but we need to know you well-enough to ensure you are trustable. This is not a VIP requirement, but such an access can be very dangerous and we don't know any other way to avoid a disaster, sorry.

You also need to provide a RSA/DSA public key (see ssh-keygen).

Account Global (registration required) IPv6 Ready Yes
Security Notes This service is secure.


Via SSH with a RSA/ECDSA/ED25519 key on the following hosts: (ED25519 recommended)

  • (prefered for lengthy sessions, like screens)
  • (mostly useful to manage Web/FTP data)

Via SSH+Mosh, with the same hosts and conditions defined above. On Debian you can use the mosh package to get the client application and do mosh <server>.

Locked behind a firewall

If you are obliged to go through a firewall (at work for eg), you can try a few things to through and end-up on Toushirou (and can bounce on Thorfinn then).

First, if you know there is a proxy, or direct access does not work, you may be able to find the firewall host and port in the browser configuration.

If there is none, then the proxy may be transparent (hidden) and you can try a direct SSH access using on port 443.

If it does not work, you can try using a tool to wrap SSH through the firewall. From a terminal the corkscrew (Debian has a package of the same name) tool car be used with the following SSH configuration (in ~/.ssh/config):

       ProxyCommand /usr/bin/corkscrew <proxy-host> <proxy-port> %h %p

and connect with:


Available Resources

The following resources are available and will remain until we advertise a scheduled removal. If you miss something you can send us a request.


Warning! warning for Mosh users: Mosh only supports UTF-8 locales

  • br_FR.UTF-8
  • en_GB.UTF-8
  • en_US.UTF-8
  • fr_FR.UTF-8
  • ja_JP.EUC-JP
  • ja_JP.UTF-8


  • dash
  • bash
  • zsh
  • ksh
  • tcsh


  • aspell (with same support as system locales)
  • dict
  • emacs
  • graphviz
  • imagemagick
  • irssi (with plugins and scripts)
  • latex (full TeXlive on Thorfinn, limited installation on Toushirou)
  • p7zip
  • rsync
  • screen
  • sieve-connect
  • unar
  • unison
  • vim
  • w3m
  • weechat (with plugins and scripts)

(and probably a few others we forgot to mention)

Additional tools:

Weechat Relay via WSS

If you have weechat running in screen/tmux, then maybe you would like to open access to it to connect your phone (the Weechat for Android app has been tested with this setup).

For security reasons we do not open ports directly but proxy it via WSS.

If you would like such a setup, please ask us and we would assign a specific port.

Then you can setup your Weechat relay like this:

 /set <password>
 /set ::1
 /relay add weechat <port>

And ask your app to connect to<user>/weechat using websocket+TLS and your password.


The following spaces are available:

  • your home
  • ask an administrator if you need a project-specific space in /srv/projects/ on Toushirou
  • ask an administrator if you need a space for public VCS repositories on (Toushirou)
  • ask an administrator if you need a space (personal or project) on the public FTP (private FTP spaces are ***OBSOLETE***)

Technical Details

This service is made using: