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Service 'WebFeeds'
Description News feeds reader through a web interface.
Prerequisite None
Account Global IPv6 Ready Yes
Security Notes This service is secure except if you don't check the website certificate properly (like on Android, see below).


Using a Web Browser

You can connect to the web interface using the following URL:

Using the Android Application

You need the official ttrss application, see:

(at least another unofficial applications exists made by Nils Braden, but it doesn't work well, TLS certificates problems)

Unfortunately the application available on F-Droid is Nils' one and does not work. So if you do not have the Google Play Store on your phone (which is recommended for security and privacy), you may fetch this application using the APK Downloader.

To unlock all the features you will need the Google Play Store to be able to pay, sorry. You might ask a friend or have a dirty phone (like an old one for this kind of infrequent uses) to retrieve the APK (hint: Apk Extractor and SD Scanner can help you). The special app you need to get and install just once is:

You need to connect once through your web browser to activate the web API, which is needed by the Android application: look in Preferences -> Advanced -> Enable external API.

Then you can configure your application:

  • URL:
  • Login/Password
  • Accept any SSL certificate: False
  • HTTP authentication Login/Password: repeat Login/Password

Sharing News

You can share interesting news:

  • by mail (but there is no link to your address book)
  • by URL: these ones are public, meaning there is no need to authenticate to use them, so you can give them away to anybody

Technical Details

This service is made using: