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We are working to give users more control on their own resources, but it is a difficult task. We are working on a tool, but it is still heavily work in progress. It works correctly, but its skill is currently limited to a few tasks.


This tool is accessible through a mail interface (later, we might add other types of frontends), and does care about security and privacy. You need to get a GPG/PGP key, and get it registered in a safe manner in our database (contact an administrator for this). If you hate english, you might also ask an administration to change your language preferences.

The mail should be RFC3156-compliant, and should not use the combined method (inline signing, like with mailcrypt) described in chapter 6.2 of this RFC (not supported yet).


Once it is done, you just need to send a signed mail to "MilkyPond Administration Officer" <> with a list of commands in the body. Empty lines and comments (lines starting with "#") are ignored. The subject is purely informational, for you to identify the reply to the corresponding demand.

As you may send secret information in the mail, you would like to hide it. Use Banya's key (fingerprint: D0CC BBA5 5460 719D 515C 11E6 E770 C685 EF41 0567), signed by the DuckCorp Administrators, for encryption. This is an optional, but recommended, feature.

Available Languages

  • en
  • fr

The setting follow the RFC 2616 Accept-Language field syntax.

Available Commands

DNS management

Beware to properly update the serial!

Available commands:

to get the list of DNS zones you can manage (and probably more in the future)
  • DNS GET ZONE <zone>
to get the DNS <zone> content (attached in the reply)
  • DNS SET ZONE <zone> @<i>
to replace the current DNS <zone> content with the <i>st/nd/rd/th attachment (text/plain accepted only)
the zone syntax is checked before replacement

Notes for signed zones:

  • the support for signed zone is basic, no specific information or possibility to setup any parameter yet
  • the fetched zone (with the GET command) does not reflect the real serial, as the signer process update the serial automatically when resigning the zone, so you need to ask for the current serial with the following command:
host -t soa <zone>

Project Info

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