DuckCorp is built and maintained by volunteers, mostly with their own money. The services are totaly free of charge for all users, but you may wish to contribute to help us keep it working well and improve.

How to Contribute ?

You can help us with:

  • sponsoring: if you can host a machine and/or provide connectivity
  • equipments: see the list of possible improvements below
  • money: you can send us money which will be used in the association:
    • by check (see the duckcorp.org whois for Duck's postal address, or ask him by mail or IRC)
    • by account transfer to Duck's account in France or Japan
    • by Paypal to duck@duckcorp.org

What can you Contribute ?

Here are ideas on which to contribute:

List of Previous Contributions

Only pure financial contributions are listed here; equipments and sponsored purchases are listed on the DuckCorp expenses page.

Date Amount Donor Comments
2021-03-26 20€ Clawfire via Paypal, commission paid by donnor
2014-11-24 15€ Clawfire via Paypal, commission paid by donnor
2014-07-14 15€ Clawfire via Paypal, commission paid by donnor
2013-09-22 100$ USD Damien via Paypal => 69€
2011-01-10 500€ AnonymousDonor1
2010-05-16 42€ Chloé

Note: early contributions in the CoinNetwork project are not taken into account, as most information is lost.