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Let's be transparent about money too. Pure financial contributions are not listed here, but in the donation page.

Regular Expenses

This does not account for external sponsorship, but contributions by members.

Object Amount Sponsor Comments
DuckCorp DNS domain ~7€/year (since 2014-07)
MilkyPond DNS domain ~7€/year (since 2014-07)
Toushirou's housing 41.56€/month Duck collocation with Sam (considering network switch and APC powerswitch shared rack space)

Note: private Internet connections involved in DuckCorp's services are not taken into account. Thorfinn was once hosted on a VM coupled with the Internet offer, this was not mentioned either.

Exceptional Expenses

Note: this does not take into account expenses before 2006 because most historical data were lost.

Note: machines, VMs, or containers hosted privately and involved in Duckcorp's services are not fully taken into account as owners kindly provided for their well being; this includes (by order of appearance):

  • Elwing (Duck): services reduced starting from 2010, and restarted in 2018 (see #637)
  • Daneel (Duck): in need of resurrection; was useful for backup and admin stuff
  • Korutopi (Arnau): stopped in 2018; was very useful for backup and monitoring
  • Nicecity (Pilou): backup (previously also monitoring)
  • Orthos (Pilou): monitoring

Improvement Expenses

Date Object Amount Sponsor Comments
2018-06 3 disks for Toushirou-NG ??? Pilou Western Digital Red 1To (WD10JFCX), RAID 1 with spare, see #612
2018-04 more memory for Elwing ??? Arnau 2*8GB, see #637. previously used in Mirimoto for Korutopi, unfortunately broken
2018-04-25 more memory for Elwing 18770円 Duck 2*8GB, see #637
2018-04-11 disks for Toushirou-NG 241.12€ Duck 2*500GB SSD, see #614
2012-05-09 more memory for Toushirou ~60€ Pilou 2*2GB PC2-6400 instead of PC2-5300/5400 (see replacement memory details)
2007-10 replacement server (Orfeo-NG) 1210€ Duck Sun Fire X4100
2007-05 new server (Toushirou) 1709.08€ Duck Supermicro PDSMI+ / Core 2 Duo E6600 / 2GB PC5400 / 3ware 9550SX4LP / 4x HD SATA II 250GB

Failure Expenses

Date Object Amount Sponsor Comments
2017-??-?? disks replacement ???JPY Arnau still not stable, controller suspected to have problems
2010-05-22 replacement memory for Toushirou (2*2GB) 105€ Duck PC2-5300/5400 2*2GB memory in a correct brand could not be found anymore, so we had to take PC2-6400 instead
2010-01-06 spare disk 73€ Duck avoided tragedy when both disks in Daneel died at one week interval
2007-09-29 replacement server (Daneel-ng) 534.90€ Duck machine too old and previous disk died horribly
2006-01 300GB HD for Daneel (backup) AnonymousDonor1 replaced since then

Other Expenses

Date Object Amount Sponsor Comments
2010-06-29 taxi 26.20€ Duck Nerim bought Sivit, moving Toushirou to their new suite at Equinix PA3 (CBV->STD)