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Service 'FTP'
Description The file repository is a general-purpose file exchange method. You push files into it and they are kept until you remove them. You may also share them with a other people.
Prerequisite You need to ask an administrator for an account if you want to push your own files, but you don't need anything if you just want to retrieve files from the public folders.
Account Global (registration required) IPv6 Ready Yes
Security Notes This service is secure.

Warning! Remember not to use this service to store illegal or non-free data.


You need a FTP client software to access this service, for example:

  • on GNU/*: filezilla or ftp-ssl
  • on MacOS: CyberDuck
  • on Windows: filezilla

Most browsers should also work for read access.

Warning! Certain softwares do not work well with an encrypted connection (TLS); in this case it is better to look for one with security in mind

The publics folders are available for read access using this URL:

If you want to push files, you need to authenticate with SSL/TLS using this URL:


You may also access files directly on Toushirou in /ftp/ if you have a shell access.


Summary of important folders for write access:

  • private (DEPRECATED): restricted folders, for users or groups of users
  • public: folders which can be read by everybody (accessible directly without authentication on
  • repository: upload folders for the software repository facility
  • sites: folders for hosted websites content


  • generic documentation on FTP

Technical Details

This service is made using: