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Service 'WebHosting'
Description Web sites and applications hosting for DC users.
Prerequisite You would need a shell access, FTP access or VCS repository
Account Global (registration required) IPv6 Ready Yes
Security Notes This service is secured using HTTPS. The remaining non-HTTPS websites are being upgraded.


Web hosting happens on Toushirou.

Available methods:

  • using a shell account is you already have one; if not, you might ask for one, but this is not easily granted for security reasons
  • using a VCS repository
  • using an FTP account is also possible but we try to deprecate this method.

Available Protocols

All websites are using HTTPS, with HTTP redirecting to HTTPs for security and privacy. Except if there is a very good reason, HTTP-only or without redirection is not an option.

All websites are also available via HTTP2, with the only exception being sites relying on Apache indexes because of this bug.

Available Languages

We currently support these langages:

  • Python 2.7 and 3.7, and WSGI applications
  • Ruby 2.5, and Rack-enabled (Rails…) applications
  • Perl 5.28
  • PHP 7.3
  • NodeJS 10.15 applications

Java applications are not an option, but we may consider other languages though.

If you need libraries and tools installed, please contact an administrator.

Website Database

SQL databases are available, please look at this corner of the documentation.

If the database node is hosted on Toushirou, then you may use UNIX socket access for increased performances.

Website Generation

If you have shell access, then you can handle this yourself, setup hooks/crontabs/… as needed. Contact us if you need help.

If you don't have a shell access and your application needs to be generated, please ask an administrator. It may be possible to use a hook or crontab (not involving uncontrolled code for security reasons).

Website Authentication

If your application does not provide authentication you can use a file created with ``htpasswd`` and add in the directory to protect a ``.htaccess`` with:

 AuthBasicProvider file
 AuthUserFile /srv/pages-perso/<uid>/<directory-to-protect>/.htpasswd

If you wish to require DuckCorp users you can use the DLAP provider and even combine the two:

 AuthBasicProvider ldap file
 AuthUserFile /srv/pages-perso/<uid>/<directory-to-protect>/.htpasswd
 Require valid-user

Technical Details

This service is made using: